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Welcome to Taverna Vrexi Liasi in Tertsa

Sofía and Giánnis Giannadákis

Vréxi Liási

No matter vréxi – rain, or  liási – sunshine, Sofía and Giánnis are always there to offer their personal atmosphere, the spirit of Tertsa like it was decades ago, and to give their sense of timelessness and hospitality to their guests.

They know each other since they went to school in Sykológos. Giannis says he’s a Philos of Sophy – this means he’s a philosopher (a friend of wisdom) and a friend of his wife Sofía.

Sigá sigá

They started their own taverna in 2008 and their Philosophy is sigá sigá, with a slow rhythm along the sea side. They take their time, take it easy, enjoy life and prepare delicious Cretan dishes made from local products. Villagers and guests are equally welcome to share their rhythm and philosophy of life.


Pictures of  Tertsa, Nature and Beautiful People


Sofia what’s for dinner today?


Come sit with us at our table to socialize. If you can’t make it, we’re on FaceBook too.